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Loft Add-ons


Loft Force is a professional company offering personalised loft storage solutions with the highest quality products, professional expert advice, free no-obligation quote, and 100% satisfaction.



Loft Extras & Add-ons 

A range of extra loft options for your loft boarding project!

Transforming your loft into a spacious storage area is something we are exceed at. Loft Force ensure well designed storage solutions so that you can store your items safely without cluttering up your home.  

We do much more than installing loft ladders and loft boarding. Along with installation, we also offer a full range of optional extras that can really make a difference to the character of your loft and the way that you use it.

Delve into our services along with extras & adds-ons and see how you could complement your loft as well as your living spaces, all while keeping your budget in mind.

VAT Number: 378955525
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