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New Builds

Loft Boarding for New Builds

You have got the keys to your new build home, but you find out there is no storage space in the loft.

Can I get my loft boarded without making my warranty void?

The answers YES!!

There are many warranty providers, but the market leader is the NHBC. The NHBC has confirmed in writing that using Loftzone’s raised loft boarding system this does not affect your warranty.

Lofts are designed primarily to support the roof. LoftZone strengthens a loft’s joists, by acting as a lattice beam, but nonetheless if the loft is to be used for storage or access, then clearly the joists on the floor of the loft need to be strong enough for this. For example, most new houses are constructed with truss roofs and the British Standard for these (BS5268) says that the joists must be able to carry a permanent load of at least 25kg per square metre (e.g. for storage) plus a temporary load of 180kg (assumed to be one person walking around). Every new house has to be built at least to this minimum legal standard and LoftZone StoreFloor has been successfully installed in the lofts of thousands of new build houses. Older properties vary as would be expected, many are much stronger than this, whilst others are not. If you are in doubt, please seek advice from a structural engineer.

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10m2 LoftZone Raised Flooring
3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder 
UPVC Loft Hatch 
Motion Sensor Light 
Normally installed within a day
10 Years Guarantee 

New Build Package

Have you been told that having loft boarding for new builds can't be done without voiding you new build warranty?

£995+ VAT


Loft Force is a professional company offering personalised loft storage solutions with the highest quality products, professional expert advice, free no-obligation quote, and 100% satisfaction.


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