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Privacy Policy 

Our Privacy Policy 

At Loft Force, we take care of our customers’ safety and make sure nothing can give the wrong impression about our service. To ensure the safety of your personally identified information, we make use of sophisticated system for screening ads, ascertaining inaccuracies and encouraging best practices. For maximum cyber security or protection, we also take help from various agencies and help people to enjoy a great experience.
Our privacy policy works as an assurance that your provided information will never be used in the wrong way. We use your information for the sake of improving our services and contacting you when required. We never share your information with others, and never use your information in any other way without asking you.
This privacy policy works as a guarantee that our service and products are qualitatively high. And, we own every right to make any amendments on it. However, prior to making any change, we will inform you.


Loft Force is a professional company offering personalised loft storage solutions with the highest quality products, professional expert advice, free no-obligation quote, and 100% satisfaction.


VAT Number: 378955525
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