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Loft Ladders 

Loft Ladders

Want to have access to your loft without using extra space? Installing a loft ladder can be the easiest way of doing this.
With Loft Force, you can get quality installed Loft Ladders at an affordable price range. No matter what types you are looking for sliding, folding, or electric, we can get the job done.

Struggling on what type of ladder to choose? Give us a call and one of our experts will be happy to help with available options, or you can book a loft ladder survey. We are available round the clock and would love to get you the best solution.

For the best loft ladder solution and installation, call the experts at Loft Force. See how your loft can be transformed with our loft boarding and finishing touches.


3 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder

£185 +VAT

This Aluminium Ladder is a 3 section loft ladder suitable for floor to floor heights up to 3m (9'10"). It has wide non-slip 'D' shape ladder rungs for comfort and security. The loft ladder unique friction guides give an added smooth and easy operation.


The kit contains a loft ladder pole which hooks around the bottom ladder rung and can be used to guide the ladder into the stored or lowered position. The pole can also be used to operate many different types of loft hatch catches.

Minimum clearance arc 0.71m (2'4")

Measuring (H)139×(W)30.5cm
Max Floor to Loft Floor Height 3m (9ft 10 in)
Min Floor to loft Floor Height 2.13m (6ft 10in)
Max. Load (kg) 150kg (23st 9lb)
Min Loft Opening Width (m) 0.38m (1ft 3in)
Guarantee 10 years

Timber Loft Ladders

Prices from £450 +VAT

These Timber Loft Ladders are a complete loft access solution which include a ladder, loft surround, 26mm insulated trap door and spring assisted stowage
Uses no further loft floor space – ladder stores within trapdoor
Wide and deep timber treads for comfort when climbing and a handrail fitted to gain safer access to your loft.


•Continuous seal around trapdoor reduces heat loss
•Pre-fitted handrail as standard
•White 36mm thick insulated trapdoor, with U-Value of 1.1W/m2K as standard*
•Recessed locking system
•Slip resistant treads
•Scratch resistant protective feet
•150kg load capacity
•10 Years Guarantee


Telescopic Loft Ladders

£360 +VAT

Telescopic Loft Ladder is ideal for small hatches with minimal storage space and is easy to install and operate. Designed to be able to fit a rough opening of as little as 0.60m x 0.51m. This ladder features automatic locking system, extra wide treads and rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring. Capable of a maximum load capacity of 150kg or 23.6 Stone and tested in accordance with EN 14975.

•Adjustable to 3 lengths.
•Closed Dimensions- 860 H x 480 W x 120 D mm.
•Casing Width-510 mm.
•Casing Length-600 mm
•Rubber feet for safety and protection to flooring
•Easy to operate
•Max Floor to Loft Floor Height : 2.61meter
•Min Floor to Loft Floor Height : 2.17meter


Loft Force is a professional company offering personalised loft storage solutions with the highest quality products, professional expert advice, free no-obligation quote, and 100% satisfaction.


VAT Number: 378955525
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